Implementing employee surveys

We'll manage implementation of your employee survey, ensuring it's delivered on time and perfectly fits your business.

How we implement

We’ll make sure implementation of your employee survey programme is an efficient process. Our dedicated project team takes full control and will involve you, where needed, at agreed milestones.

Implementation phases

Here’s a run-down of the implementation phases in your employee survey:

  1. Build – we create the survey technology (the system) and questionnaire that you and your colleagues will have access to. This happens in two parts. ‘Front end’ development involves applying your brand and designing how it’ll look to users. ‘Back end’ development is where the clever functional stuff is built that governs how the system works, access levels and administration, all according to your specific requirements.  
  2. User acceptance testing (UAT) – this is where you get ‘hands on’ in testing any technology in the employee survey programme. We ask you to trial the system and let us know of any changes you require.
  3. Project go live – after you’re happy, you give us the green light to go live.
  4. Post launch support – we won’t just leave you to it. If you need further support, our customer services team will assist with any questions from your people regarding survey completion or usage of the technology.
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