New survey and reporting tools to provide detailed insights


Survey data helping to inform further business improvements


Gain deeper understanding of engagement

Jardine Motors Group, trading as Lancaster, boasts one of the UK’s biggest independent networks of franchised automotive retailers covering more than 20 car brands. In 2016, they selected ETS to partner with them on their nationwide employee survey. Jardine Motors had previously run an employee survey in-house but saw the need for an independent view to measure how they fared when benchmarked against other retailers. Clare Martin, Group HR Director at Jardine Motors, explains: “We were keen to get more data from the survey to gain a deeper understanding of colleague engagement here and see what is really important to our colleagues. The business psychology expertise that ETS could offer was a big factor in us choosing to partner with them.” To capture their employees’ views, they needed a new online survey portal. This would be accessible to all 3,500 of their UK employees, working at over 70 different locations including a head office.


Survey, Reporting and Expert consultancy support

Creating the survey and reporting tools

We created an online survey tool for Jardine Motors, designed in line with their branding. Fully mobile-enabled, it allowed employees to gain access to complete the survey using a smartphone, tablet or a PC.

The platform enabled far quicker and easier access for admin users while managers could also gain easy access to a reporting dashboard. Additionally, line managers received dedicated reports covering key themes within their team.

Expert consultancy support

Our business psychologists supported Jardine Motors with the design of a new questionnaire, ensuring its alignment to the latest business strategy. As part of this process, they also reviewed what had been used in previous surveys and retained those questions still considered relevant.

After running the survey, our business psychologists were able to help out again, this time by preparing and delivering a presentation of the results to executives.


Using the survey data

It was really important for Jardine Motors to be able to take a more data-driven approach and the engagement survey scores were fundamental to this. At a business level, they looked at year-on-year comparisons to assess the impact of initiatives undertaken based on previous survey insights. And, at a local level, general managers used their reports to understand local themes and priorities arising from the survey. Being a sales-driven environment, it naturally helped that all managers quickly grasped the potential business value of having more engaged teams. Jessica Arnold, Group Communications Manager, offers an insight on how the business supports managers locally: “Our HR business partner teams work very closely with all of our sites at a local level, helping them to uncover quick wins and longer-term, more strategic areas of focus. From here, all general managers without exception produce an action plan, which is then shared with the Board to ensure alignment with the wider business strategy.”


Business Impact

Jardine Motors has an exceptionally high overall level of employee engagement and equally high survey response rate at 87 percent. Furthermore they also have a positive net promoter score.
As a business, their focus is on continual improvement and, with this in mind, we include for them a high performance benchmark comparison in reports providing a more stretching target for them.
What’s remarkable is despite their strong engagement survey scores across the board, they are still managing to take action and make improvements each year. It’s clear that, as a business, there’s plenty they’re getting right.