COVID-19 pulse survey

Uncover employee insights and support your people through COVID-19 crisis.

Do you know how your employees are currently faring amid the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. Workplaces, jobs and home and working lives have been turned upside down. With some employees on furlough leave, many working remotely juggling family and work commitments and key workers on the front line or taking on additional responsibilities, it is more important than ever to check on employee engagement, morale and enablement, and to be supporting people to work effectively. We would like to help you do just that, which is why we’ve launched the ETS COVID-19 pulse survey.

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Comprehensive end-to-end survey support

COVID-19 ETS pulse survey screen

Here’s what you’ll get from our ETS COVID-19 pulse survey:

  • Defined set of questions covering key areas like leadership, wellbeing, comms, safety and engagement
  • Run as a one-off or at regular intervals
  • Quick and cost-effective approach
  • A company-level report for leaders
  • Highlight current blockers or frustrations for employees
  • A one-hour insights playback call to get expert guidance.

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