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Training, tools and frameworks to create high performing teams.

Are you looking to support the development needs of teams in your organisation? If so, our expert business psychologists and accredited coaches can help. We know what makes a high performing team, and we can offer you the expertise, resources, tools and training to build competence, confidence, trust and resilience. This, in turn, will enable them to improve their effectiveness and better support organisational goals.

Common challenges for teams

workplace culture change

Working collaboratively has never been more important to organisational success. But it is also true that teams face a number of obstacles and challenges to their effectiveness. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Creating and articulating a shared purpose
  • Establishing clearer accountability
  • Developing trust within the team
  • Enabling healthy conflict
  • Embedding processes and habits that support continuous learning
  • Developing a shared understanding of team members’ strengths and development gaps
  • Supporting team resilience

Do you want to develop high performance teams?

Our solutions for teams

ETS virtual design methodology for developing teams

Our approach fuses team facilitation and coaching. It helps a team to develop together, clarify its purpose, aims and ways of working, reconnect with stakeholders and better understand one another’s needs. Programmes involve a mix of task-oriented and relationship-oriented conversations – boosted by individual growth coaching and experiential activity. This can help to embed and strengthen the following habits of high performing teams:

  • Building trust and effective ways of working
  • Recognising and leveraging individual’s strengths, preferences and styles
  • Articulating the team’s purpose and vision
  • Clarifying expectations and accountability
  • Collaborating with stakeholders outside of the team
  • Learning and creating a feedback culture

We are well versed at developing impactful virtual training with some of the core guiding principles we follow shown in the adjacent visual.

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