Lloyd's of London employee survey case study

  • Challenge: Ensure survey is measuring what matters most for employees and the business
  • Solution: Extensive questionnaire design support and created online survey and reporting tool
  • Result: Consistently high survey participation and building great momentum around action planning


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Lloyd’s, the world’s specialist insurance market, began working with ETS in 2014 after seeking a new partner for its global employee survey. Philip Edwards, Head of Employee Relations, explains:

“ETS was one of a number of specialists invited to tender for Lloyd’s employee survey. We chose to work with ETS based on the engaging presentation delivered, their flexible approach to our solution, the occupational psychologist expertise on hand and the global benchmarking available to us.”


Lloyd’s was keen to ensure that its employee survey was getting to the heart of what’s important to employees, measuring the right things and highlighting key drivers of engagement for its people.

Philip Edwards, comments:

“As a business, we’d become a little concerned that the survey had too much of a positive slant. We wanted to make sure that the survey results we were getting were truly representative of engagement levels across our organisation.”

Within this, they aimed to use the survey more to stretch managers, and to include a greater number of ‘actionable questions’, in order to drive real engagement. It was also important for Lloyd’s that the survey questionnaire aligned with its culture and values.

Approximately 900 employees across 10 departments take part in the survey each year.


Our business psychologists led a thorough questionnaire review and design process. This included context gathering, stakeholder interviews, including one with the CEO, a quantitative and qualitative review and working session with their HR team.

Survey technology:

We created an online employee survey platform from which to run the Lloyd’s survey. This was fully accessible via mobile and tablet. There was to be one survey, in English, and all demographic data was to be pre-loaded, enabling employees to access the survey through a unique link in their email invitations.

We also devised an online reporting tool, which managers at Lloyd’s have found particularly useful for producing comment reports in greater detail. Additionally, we provide their managers with dedicated manager reports summarising findings for them at a team-level.

Post survey support:

For the 2016 survey, we completed a more succinct executive presentation and a two-page employee report detailing the high level results within the corporation. And, instead of the nine department presentations, we created for them nine tailored survey videos to communicate an overview of results, key themes and action areas.


Philip Edwards, talks here about the survey results:

“Employees at Lloyd’s are evidently keen to be heard and this year we had a great response rate of 82%. Overall engagement has been very high too with an overall engagement index of 83%. And the greater focus on action-planning coming out of the survey means that employees see really see the value in giving their views.”

As a business, Lloyd’s has a fantastically pro-active approach when it comes to taking action on their survey. Importantly, they’ve ensured that this process is collaborative and democratic, with employees invited to vote on areas they’d like prioritised for action.

The team at Lloyd’s is now working on embedding employee engagement and acting on feedback as a year-round focus. This is geared to maximising the many strengths of the Corporation and improving things in the areas causing concern for employees. Actions take place at both an overall Corporation-level and through actions led by heads of department, line managers and HR. Philip Edwards offers an insight into some of the specific actions being taken:

“We’ve established an action group, adopted a flexible working culture and introduced an employee recognition toolkit. We’re also in the process of reviewing our performance management approach, supported by a new online system, and have recently held an employee ‘Workout’ on the physical working environment at Lloyd’s. Beyond this, we’re reviewing the organisational structure to make sure we’re on track to deliver Lloyd’s Vision 2025. We plan to run the survey again in 2017 and, in the meantime, continue our efforts to promote a positive feedback culture at Lloyd’s.”