Philips 360 degree feedback testimonial

Magdalena Bracco, HR Project Leader, Center of Expertise – Leadership, Talent & Learning at Philips, explains how global 360 is developing employees.

Philips' global 360 feedback explainer whiteboard

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What was your business objective for 360 degree feedback?

So the business objectives that Philips has for the 360 programme is to create a developmental tool that will focus employees to grow, to create their action lists and have a conversation with their line manager about a very focused development journey.

Who uses the 360 feedback tool?

The 360 tool is available to everyone at Philips and when I say everyone it means people in corporate functions but also people in a business, people in markets and markets are from China to Argentina.

What’s the response been like from participants?

The response from individuals; from managers and from executives has been very positive so far. People really like the fact the 360 is connected to the new model of competencies, the new competencies framework which means that they really can get an insight into their strengths and into their development areas. People told us that the system is very easy to use; very intuitive and the report is very meaningful and actionable.

What has the business impact been from the 360?

The business impact has been very powerful. The feedback from a 360 helps the participant to develop further, helps participants to discover their strengths; to discover their individual areas for development and great leadership for us is critical to run our business effectively.

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