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Jon Sale, Head of Talent at Tesco, discusses the value managers are getting from 360 degree feedback to help develop leadership skills.

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What were the business drivers for using 360 degree feedback?

Recently, we’ve been aware that, as economies change, as technology changes and there’s workplace changes, the way we need to be as leaders was different as well.

Earlier this year we launched five new leadership skills across our business and, naturally, our leaders were keen to see how they measured up against those new leadership skills. So when we set out to design our new system we were really keen that it was simple, it was easy to use and that people just got it. So it needed to look and feel like our existing leadership material and feel like part of Tesco, which is why the bespoke approach is so important to us.

Who uses the 360 feedback programme at Tesco?

So our 360 degree feedback system is aimed at all manager, director and business leader colleagues in stores, distribution centres and offices across our 12 countries. Since we’ve started the new system we’ve had, on average, about one hundred colleagues per week signing up and completing the 360 degree system and momentum continues to build.

What value have participants had from the 360 process?

Having worked in personnel for ten years in Tesco, I’ve sort of first-hand witnessed the light bulb moments people see when they get their first feedback report and they get a real sense of how they’re seen by their peers, their colleagues and their line manager. The anecdotal feedback we’ve heard since rolling out the new system has been overwhelmingly positive and people have shared with us how, y’know, it’s become a real foundation to them building a brilliant Personal Development Plan, that really helps them think about their leadership in the current business context.

What set ETS apart from other suppliers you considered?

In terms of our partnership with ETS, if I talked about what really set them apart I’d probably use three of our leadership skills. So the first would be responsiveness. So where we have needed to change something at very short notice, so for example the rating scale, actually ETS have been incredibly responsive and helped us turn that around really quickly. I’d use the leadership skill of innovation, so partnering with us to come up with, y’know, truly simple, innovative solutions to a problem. And I would use the leadership skill of collaboration – again, it’s really felt like a partnership where ETS have grown to understand our business through a long-standing relationship.

How happy have you been with the service from ETS?

I’m sure myself and my colleagues would agree that we’ve been very happy with the work that ETS have done and we’re looking forward to continuing to work with them and to continue to evolve our tool for the years to come.

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