PepsiCo 360 degree feedback case study

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  • Solution: Integrated 360 system that’s easy-to-use
  • Result: 360 data helping development and embedding consistent leadership behaviours
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PepsiCo is the world’s second-largest food and beverage business and the global snack leader. It employs over 285,000 people worldwide.

ETS is a long-term partner with PepsiCo having been appointed in 2008 to design and implement a bespoke 360 degree feedback programme for its global leadership population.

Challenge: Better develop leaders using 360 feedback

360 degree feedback is well embedded at PepsiCo, having been used by the organisation since the 1980s.

The challenge for us was to provide a more flexible and intuitive online 360 degree appraisal system, allowing leaders to get more effective feedback.

Solution: 360 feedback programme aligned with business strategy

We designed and implemented a 360 degree feedback programme tailored to PepsiCo’s needs.

In order to improve leadership, PepsiCo runs four programmes simultaneously: the 360 process, an upward feedback process, an employee survey and a Hogan personality instrument.


As the global organization development team at PepsiCo explain, it was essential that these four processes worked together.

“It involves the complex integration across three vendors plus PepsiCo. ETS were able to do that seamlessly by creating a single portal for all of our employees, system administrators and HR representatives to go to one single spot to do everything that they need to do.”

The integrated feedback system we built enabled the 360 feedback process to be streamlined within the development process.

PepsiCo has found that employees have been very dedicated to the programme:

“Our senior leaders clearly see the value of this process, up to and including our CEO. Having such senior level support for our programme is terrific. As a result, we get response rates consistently above 90%, which really demonstrate our employees’ and leaders’ commitment, involvement and engagement in the process.”

Result: 360 data informing development plans and improving future leaders

The 360 degree feedback programme we introduced has been well received by PepsiCo’s leaders. Up to 88% of its executives reported that using 360 feedback as a developmental tool was better than most previous developmental experiences.

PepsiCo has benefitted from being able to measure employees across its global markets using the same leadership behaviours.

Summary: Business impact of 360

  • Increased participation and ease-of-use with integrated system
  • Leaders find it personally a valuable process for their development
  • The group is embedding a consistent set of leadership behaviours across all markets.

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