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Are diversity stats papering over inclusion cracks?

Diverse teams are good for business – that much is abundantly clear. McKinsey found that companies with diverse executive teams are 33 percent more likely to outperform their peers on profitability. Pretty compelling. But herein lies the problem – focusing too much on diversity statistics might be a distracting measurement. It’s a bit like going on a diet of unhealthy, low calorie snacks. On the outside, everything looks good but who knows what is happening on the inside? It is distracting,...

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Why employee experience matters more than ever

COVID-19 has changed everything, perhaps forever for some organisations, industries and employees. Certainly, the short-to-medium term future will be quite different for us all. But the focus of business needs to move quickly to what comes next. Keith McGrane, a Senior Consultant Psychologist at ETS, explains: "There are likely lots of initiatives your organisation could push right now, but what are the people strategy activities that you should prioritise to deliver the very best employee experience in the months ahead?" This is...

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What’s next for employees and organisations in new normal?

Out of the office, for good? As far as proofs of concepts go, the last four months of mass home working has been pretty conclusive. Certainly, that is the impression we have been given by our clients and others in our network. And this view is backed up by the results of our latest ETS Quick Poll. A headline finding was 72% of respondents saying they feel more positive about different ways of working in the future. And this, alongside the...