360 degree feedback

Supercharge development of leaders or teams with flexible 360 degree feedback tools.


Powerful people-driven feedback platforms with expert support

360 degree feedback tools to fit all shapes and sizes. We’ll implement one that fits, then provide extensive guidance on making sure you get the most out of your chosen programme.

360 Plus

Ideal for larger organisations, those with advanced needs or wanting something fully scalable.

ETS 360

Suited to organisations with smaller numbers or more straightforward needs wanting something well-equipped with lots of features as standard.

360 Now

An ETS-branded tool aimed at individuals or very small groups with a ready-to-go bank of questions.

360 Partner

Perfect for consultancies to run multiple branded 360s for their own clients.

Find a programme that fits

Let us devise a bespoke questionnaire based on your values or competencies, access our extensive 360 feedback question bank to create your own or upload an exisiting one.

Questionnaire design/review
Stakeholder interviews
Questionnaire working session
Employee validation panels
Creating levelled questionnaires

Platforms to suit your needs

There’s a platform to suit every budget, every organisation size and every need. However, we can scope and build you a unique, custom 360 appraisal tool if you need something a little more tailored.

Aligned branding
Multiple levels of access (participants/administrators)
Single sign-on
Live data feed
Simultaneous feedback

Intuitive user-first tools

Easy-to-use tools both your participants and admin will love using.

For participants
Select & invite feedback providers
Complete self-questionnaires
Mobile-enabled completion
Intuitive support & guidance
For admin users
Manage user details
Launch feedback cycles
Flexible report release rules
Email templates library

Online reporting tools

Easy for participants to access, interpret and act on their feedback with an intuitive dashboard and array of reporting tools.

Guidance on interpreting results
Key finding summary
Verbatim comment breakdown
Development tips
Downloadable PDF
Aggregate reports
Summary reports

Expert support to drive change

To maximise the benefits of a 360 feedback process, you need to support your participants after they get their feedback. Our experts take the lead on this.

Feedback facilitation workshop
HR training
One-to-one feedback participant facilitation
Personal development coaching
Tailored leadership & management development initiatives
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