Tool equipped to run self, 180 and 360 degree assessments


Build capability and inform strategically-aligned development plans


Stimulate employee learning and development on a self-initiated basis

AkzoNobel is a leading global paints and coatings company counting Dulux among its core brands. They appointed ETS to create for them a competency assessment tool to support employee development. AkzoNobel had identified a need for a new system that would better stimulate personal development and employee learning on a self-initiated basis.

But rather than a piece of software, they were looking to partner with an organisation to develop a programme that would truly fit their business. They wanted the tool to include multi-rater (180 and 360 degree) assessments as well as self-assessments. It also needed to support multiple assessments that could be saved and reviewed. And their plan was to make this available to all of AkzoNobel’s 50,000 employees across 150 sites worldwide.


Self, 180 and 360 degree assessments

Bespoke technology

We created a dedicated platform for functional competency assessments at AkzoNobel. This was to be a key tool for employees to assess themselves against their current or future job roles and to inform personal development plans.

The tool includes the option to run a self-assessment, 180-degree or 360-degree assessments, on demand. Its flexibility and scalability means it can include an unlimited number of different competency frameworks in the system, to serve different employee populations.

It also enables ‘push’ assessments that can be initiated by management or central teams.

Consultancy support

Our business psychologists have been able to work closely with the team at AkzoNobel to support the initial setup. They offered comprehensive advice and guidance on design best practice for the competency frameworks that would be used.

Planned system evolution

Having implemented and used the solution with large cohorts, we’ve recently begun working with AkzoNobel again to explore some significant design and interface changes to the system to aid the overall user experience. Additional functionality will also be introduced including a questionnaire builder option for administrators to add new assessments as the business needs them.



Engagement scores

There has been a really positive reaction from employees to the new tool and the assessment process. It’s still early days in terms of measuring the business impact of this programme, however, Jasmin Vodjdani, Project Manager, Organisational Development at AkzoNobel, comments:

“We’re confident that this tool will help us to build capability across the business and help to inform strategically-aligned development plans for employees. And, with our planned changes to the user interface, we hope to make it even more intuitive for our employees to use.”

On their experience of working with ETS, she adds:

“We really value and appreciate the great flexibility that ETS offers as a partner. They’re very cooperative, easy to work with and always deliver on their commitments.”

Business Impact

Build capability across the business
Inform strategically-aligned development plans for employees