Created a 360 feedback platform accessible to employees globally.


Powerful business impact, developing employees’ capability in line with strategy


Better enable employee development in line with key competencies

The main business objective for Philips was to introduce a new 360 degree feedback programme that would better enable development of its employees. Magdalena Bracco, HR Group Project Leader, Center of Expertise Leadership, Talent and Learning at Philips, explains: “We really believe in the power of feedback to grow our employees, and the 360 tool is the starting point for effective conversations and development plans.” They asked ETS to create a 360 feedback tool and reports that’d be intuitive, making it easy for employees to give feedback and interpret the results.


Created a 360 feedback programme to focus employee development

The questionnaire

Philips and ETS ensured that the 360 questionnaire aligned with a new competency framework and leadership behaviours introduced at Philips. This allows people to see clearly their areas of strength and their development needs against key behaviours at Philips.

The system and reports

The report generated by the system and given to participants afterwards is equally clear and simple, highlighting just a couple of feedback themes and development areas. We created these in a highly visual format, graphically displaying key findings rather than showing lots of data.

Magdalena Bracco explains the thinking behind this:

“Our brief to ETS was that reports should ‘go beyond the number’ to explore key themes and capabilities for particular roles as this is more meaningful and beneficial for participants. This then allows them to have a focused development discussion with their line manager.”

In addition to the work on the 360 tool and questionnaire design consultation, our business psychologists have supported HR teams and managers at Philips leading training webinars. These cover how to structure and manage effective behavioural development conversations.

There are also further plans to develop the 360 feedback tool used by Philips. We’re exploring the addition of a questionnaire builder function, which would allow users to build their own questionnaires and select the competencies they wish to be measured against.



Powerful Business Impact

The response to the new 360 degree feedback programme from the managers and executives has been very positive. Participants particularly like the fact that the questions are connected to the new competency framework. Perhaps most importantly, in terms of the 360 feedback process leading to behavioural change, people are finding that the reports are easily-actionable. Magdalena Bracco adds: “The business impact has been powerful in helping peoples’ development. For us as a business, it’s invaluable as great leadership is critical to our continued success.”


Business Impact

Enabling great leadership, which is critical to business success
Helping inform development plans for all employees globally
Really positive response to the 360 process from managers and executives.