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Customisable feedback platforms with limitless functionality, and expert support.

Are you looking to introduce 360 degree feedback? Our powerful feedback platform offers you a long list of features as standard. Alternatively, if you wish to replicate an existing process or have complex requirements, we can create custom feedback tools to meet your exact needs. And, because we aren’t just a software provider, what you get from us goes far beyond the platform. You’ll benefit from dedicated expert support to design and implement your programme. Then, after each feedback cycle, we can guide participants on action plans, offer coaching or any other development support needed. So, whether you need a simple 360 appraisal tool for a small group of leaders or an enterprise-scale programme, we can help. That’s why we’re chosen by leading organisations including Tesco, PepsiCo, RBS and BP.

Designing a programme that fits

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We know that for 360 degree feedback to be effective, it must be designed to fit your business. So while we can offer access to question banks, we suggest creating a tailored questionnaire that’s based on your values and competencies. This design process may involve the following:

  • Questionnaire review (of anything used previously)
  • Stakeholder interviews/other context gathering
  • Questionnaire working session
  • Employee validation panel/s
  • Creating levelled questionnaires (based on frameworks)

Configurable or fully custom 360 feedback tools

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We believe (and we’ve been told) that our feedback platforms offer unrivalled flexibility. And, if you need something truly unique, we can scope and build a custom 360 appraisal tool to order. Here’s a list of selected features we offer you:

  • Fully branded online tool
  • Multiple levels of access (participants/administrators)
  • Single sign-on
  • Live data feed
  • Full integration with an existing HRIS
  • Self-registration
  • Simultaneous feedback.

Want to look around our 360 feedback platform?

360 feedback tools users will love

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Our 360 feedback tools are really intuitive offering your participants and admin users a host of features to make their lives that little bit easier. This includes:
(For participants)

  • Select and invite feedback providers
  • Complete a self-questionnaire
  • Get support and guidance on the process
  • Mobile-enabled completion

(For admin users)

  • Manage user details and add people to the system
  • Launch a feedback cycle
  • Monitor completion, in real time
  • Library of email templates

Powerful reporting at your fingertips

360 degree feedback report example

It’s so important to make it easy for participants to access, interpret and act on their reports. So that’s what we do. And we can also configure your tool to enable reporting at other levels. Here’s some of the reporting features and types we offer:

  • Guidance on interpreting results
  • Helpful summary of key findings
  • Breakdown of verbatim comments
  • Detailed breakdown of results
  • Easily downloadable report output (PDF)
  • Aggregate reports
  • Snapshot reports

Expert support to drive change

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To really maximise the benefits of a 360 feedback process, you need to support participants after they get their feedback. Now, this can look very different from one organisation to the next but some of the ways our experts can help include:

  • Feedback facilitation workshop
  • HR training (train-the-trainer on feedback facilitation)
  • One-to-one feedback facilitation with participants
  • Personal development coaching
  • Tailored leadership and management development initiatives.

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We are trusted by lots of top companies

Cancer Research UK
Taylor Wimpey

The ETS team has been really supportive and ensured we stayed on track whilst being flexible in adapting to new requirements. They’ve challenged our thinking and ensured we ask questions that give a deep understanding of our organisational culture.

HR Director, Kensington Mortgages

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